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Sam Tech Graduates In Action

Our entire faculty and staff are extremely proud of what we can offer you as a prospective student seeking a career in the racing industry.

Our graduates step directly into the racing industry with highly respected employers throughout the country. We are very proud that the school and our graduates are widely recognized by elite racing teams, leading race engine builders, and the performance media.

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NASA Project

We know how the racing industry wants to hire grads from The School of Automotive Machinists & Technology, but the school’s reputation has also led to its involvement in a monumental space exploration project. The SAM Tech CNC class is designing and fabricating pieces for the Orion spacecraft crew module mock‐up, which is used in spacecraft design and astronaut training.

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School of Automotive Machinists Scores at Amsoil Engine Masters Challenge.

The School of Automotive Machinists & Technology has once again shown its mettle, collecting a top five finish at the 2014 Amsoil Engine Masters Challenge presented by Hot Rod magazine. SAM Tech scored an impressive 4th place finish against 30 of the best performance engine building shops in the nation.

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